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Welcome to Tellem Email Marketing!
Learn about why email marketing is the next best thing for your business.
Tellem System Overview and Features
Learn more about this easy to use email marketing system in 3 easy steps
Campaign Features
Whether you create your own content or use an outside source Tellem Email Marketing provides you with an easy-to-use system so you can manage and track your email marketing campaigns like a professional!
Subscriber List Management Features
Your contact list is gold and is the foundation of your email marketing activities. Tellem automatically keeps your contact list clean of any unsubscribes. 
Reporting Features
Get the facts in Real Time! View important email campaign statistics. Use this information for even better results on your next email campaign
Pricing - Eliminate Monthly Fees!
Our pay-as-go pricing structure is simple and will save you money. Plan on email campaigning on a regular basis? Even better! Buy bulk email credits at a reduced cost to save even more!
Email Marketing Resources
Email is one of the most effective forms of online marketing available. Our resources will give you tips and advice on laying a solid foundation to ramp up your web marketing strategy.
FREE Signup
Receive 25 Free email credits just for signing up and testing our system out. No software to install, no monthly fees, no contracts and no cancellation fees. You simply pay-as-you-go!
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Contact Information
We always look forward to any questions, comments or feedback you might have. We're only a phone call or email away and encourage you to contact one of our representatives today.
About Tellem and our Company
Real people answer your questions here. Tellem's friendly support team is ready to answer your questions and provide helpful advice and insights to email marketing best practices. Your success is our success!
Common Questions and Answers
We know not everyone is an email marketing expert. As such we've provided you with a few of the most common questions that people have of us and the Tellem Email Marketing System.
Customization and Design
Too busy to get your next email campaign completed?  Let our experienced design team help you out!
Terms of Use
Take a closer look at oor policies and terms of use.
Anti-Spam Compliancy
Sorry No Spam Allowed. That's our policy and we adhere strictly to this. Learn more.
Privacy Policy
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