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Monthly Payment Plans

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Our monthly payment plans are geared towards those individuals or businesses that send email campaigns out quite frequently, typically at least once/month.

If you find that your business is growing and you need to move up to a new plan, not a problem we can do that for you as well.

# of Emails You Can Send Each Month
up to 500
up to 1,000
up to 2,500
up to 5,000
up to 10,000
up to 15,000
up to 25,000
up to 50,000
up to 100,000

1. All pricing is in Canadian Funds. Applicable taxes not included. To see currency conversion
click here 
2. Once campaigns are sent through the system there are no refunds
3. At the beginning of each month your credits are renewed and topped up to your maximum level. (ie. if you pay for 500 credits/month, the next month your credits will be back to 500)
4. Credits do not carry over from month to month
5. If you wish to cancel your monthly subscription we must be informed of this via phone or email otherwise your account will continue to be billed
6. For monthly signups we need to capture your credit card information right away so if you wish to test the system out please signup for a pay-as-you go account first