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Email Marketing: List Management Features

Your contact list is gold and is the foundation of your email marketing activities. Tellem automatically keeps your contact list clean of any unsubscribes.  Creative ad agencies can create separate lists for their own clients.  Easily segment your lists by certain criteria for split testing!

Easily View and Manage Your Subscriber Lists

All your subscriber lists are neatly organized for you. You have full control to manage them as you see fit. Add, edit, delete...the choice is yours.


Edit Your Subscribers

Complete control over your subscribers is only a click away. Did a subscriber change his email address or address information?  No problem, you can quickly amend that in a flash.


Import Your Subscribers From an Existing Source

Many people have a list of subscribers in a spreadsheet or email program that they would like to use.  Using Tellem, easily import your email list from Excel spreadsheets, CSV or tab-delimited file formats.


Export Your Subscribers

We automatically keep your list clean of unsubscribes and bounces.  Easily export your segmented list(s) out of Tellem for use in other programs.


Create Subscriber Forms for Easy List Management

Have an event coming up or new newsletter and need to build a registration form to collect email addresses? Our web form builder makes it easy! Change the colours of the form to match your website. An important part to building your subscriber lists is to have an easy to use subscriber form on your website.


List Segmentation Lets You Send Targetted Emails

Send relevant emails to sub groups of your master lists...quickly and easily!