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Email Marketing for Car Dealerships and Automotive

Why should Car Dealerships and Automotive Dealers be looking at Email Marketing for their business?

Email marketing has quickly become an important marketing tool for business professionals and businesses of all sizes. For a car dealership this allows you to send frequent and targeted email campaigns to your past and current clients on any new sales, new company information, promotions and more. For Car Dealerships, email marketing offers an impressive, cost-effective way to stay in touch with past clients and helps market to potential new clients as well.

Why is Email Marketing an important tool for Car Dealerships?

 It's inexpensive
For example to send an emailer out via Tellem to say 2000 people would roughly cost you $45.00 while sending an actual mail piece would cost you approx. $3000 or more. A huge cost savings immediately.

 It's Effective

Email marketing enables you to proactively communicate with your existing customers and prospects instead of passively waiting for them to return to your Web site or storefront.

 It's Immediate

You can setup an account and send to your list all within 20 minutes. While with traditional mailers you would have to design a mailer, get them printed, purchase postage and then mail them out to people which can take days.

 It's Measureable

Unlike other marketing options, results from email campaigns are easily and quickly measured. Results are reported in terms of “opens”, "clicks" etc. So you can see who's opened your emails and clicked on links in real time. You just don't get that instant feedback with sending a letter to someone.

 It's Easy!

The setting up of your account takes minutes. From there we have ready-to-go templates that you can use, customize and place your message into. You do not need to be a "Techy". Tellem is built specifically for non-technical people to easily grasp.

Examples of Car Dealership Email Marketing

As a small business owner or marketing person here are just a few ideas as to what you can be sending to clients or potential clients...

Specials and Sales Newsletter: keep your clients up-to-date with your latest sales and promotions which arrive quickly to your potential clients. Looking to help promote your new product line, why not use Tellem, it's the perfect tool.

Monthly Newsletter: keep your clients educated with a simple monthly newsletter that can contain things like latest industry news, what your business is up to and more

Seasonal Emailers: why not send your clients a beautiful christmas card or birthday card. We have ready-to-go templates to choose from that you can quickly and easily use.

Staff Newsletter: Why not keep your agents up-to-date with timely information and announcements? It could be an industry update, business changes and more.

And there are many, many more uses of Tellem Email marketing for your small business.

Need an email marketing campaign designed specifically for you?

We can handle this. Our customization services allow you to work with our team of designers to create an email campaign that is specific to your needs. We can create customized templates that are only seen by you that you can easily reuse for all your future emailers. View Pricing

What's the Cost?

We offer 2 easy plans for you to choose from. You simply select the plan that works for you and away you go.

Option 1: Pay-as-you-go Plan

Option 2: Monthly Plans

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