Tellem Email Marketing Systems

5 Reasons You Need to be Email Marketing

1. Email can help you achieve your business goals

Want more customers? More leads? More sales? E-commerce is booming and a well-planned email marketing campaign can generate high response rates, allow you to get the word out about offers and discounts, and create opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell.

2. Keeping customers in the loop = a happier customer

Providing relevant information via email can help you score points with customers, or lessen the impact of problems elsewhere in your business.

Think about updates about special offers from supermarkets, or communicating unplanned changes to flight schedules from airlines. Through web analytics, data from email campaigns can also be used to better gauge the needs of individual customers.

3. It’s more cost-effective than other advertising mediums

Email is much cheaper, more measurable and can be better targeted than traditional direct marketing. Sending out the right messages at the right time can also help you retain customers – retention is much cheaper than acquisition.

That said, email marketers still have a lot to learn from their offline DM counterparts. If you already have skills in Direct Marketing apply this know-how to email (eg frequency, timing follow ups, etc).

4. You Get Measureable Results - Instant Feedback

Email marketing is highly measurable and each campaign gives you the chance to analyse customer feedback to see which offers and products individual customers are interested in.

5. Improved overall online marketing

Data gleaned from email campaigns can help you improve the effectiveness of your other online marketing activities. Email marketing is also a good chance to develop and update your in-house customer database.