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Reseller/Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Program Overview

Reselling Tellem Email Marketing Services is a perfect add-on for any marketing, advertising, PR or web development firm looking to make extra money without having to build an entire email marketing platform. 

Our experienced team will handle all the technical aspects from beginning to end so you won't have to worry about a thing! Our reseller program is simple. We will give you a 20% commission on every purchase your customers make. 

• Earn income just for referring people to use the Tellem Email Marketing service!
• 20% Referral fees!
• Unique URL to send to your customers
• Easy monthly payouts
• Complete Tracking System so you can see up to the minute status
• Absolutely No Setup Fees ever!
Frequently Asked Questions
Affiliate Agreement

So How Does It Work?...

Quite simply actually. If you have a Tellem account you already qualify for our affiliate program.

• Simply place your unique URL on your website, blog or email it out to friends, family etc.
• When someone clicks on your unique URL and signs up for an account that person is now a referral source for you.
• When this referral person purchases email credits to use our system, you earn 20% of whatever they purchase!
• You earn money from your referral for as long as they are a Tellem client, which will likely be years.

You Now Have an Instant Income Generator!

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